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Words From Adora 


Adora was founded on the vision of “Everyday Wonders,” that is, to make the everyday beautiful, the simple extraordinary, and the humdrum inspiring.  This vision was laid as the foundation for the conception of Adora in 2008 by our founder.  This vision continues to propel the organization to keep raising the bar in bringing awe and inspiration to the lives of our customers. Adora believes that the Filipinos deserve the best service the world has to offer, continuing to find new ways to upgrade this service in a way that is relevant to the times and authentic in its sensibilities.
Today, we are proud to unveil our latest service offering to you⁠—The Wonder Journal.  This editorial is a delight for your senses.  A journey for your imagination.  A springboard for creative ideas.  It takes you out of the mundane and transports you to panoramas and vistas, intimate spaces and private places.  In our world rife with disorder, depressing news, and negative views, it is our hope that you will feel uplifted and inspired as you go through the monthly issues of The Wonder Journal.
Whether you take a moment as you enjoy your morning coffee, or take a break from a stressful workday, or read it to relax before sleeping, let The Wonder Journal enrapture you, albeit momentarily, to where your imagination and spirit lift to a world of wonders.
We hope you enjoy readers! 

The Adora Team 

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