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Casa Biblioteca


Words by Katrina Swee | Photography by Ricardo Bassetti

Photograph by Ricardo Bassetti

Hidden in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil, in a small town called Vinhedo, is a glass-walled house.

Casa Biblioteca is swallowed by green, and is surrounded by one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. Located just north of São Paulo, the private space is a getaway from the chaos of the city, a sanctuary for the introverted.

Photograph by Ricardo Bassetti


Designed by Atelier Branco, the sloping structure is constructed to form a series of three spacious, horizontal terraces.

Peering inside, the view may fill visitors with awe. The glass walls, held by slim steel frames, allow the home to bathe in natural light. The high ceilings and concrete pillars match the tallness of the trees, and create an atmosphere that transports you to a tranquil place. The tropical vegetation livens up the areas, automatically reducing stress and improving the overall sense of wellbeing. Waking up in this environment, the tang of fresh air and the breeze wafting through the doors, makes one feel rejuvenated. Being encircled by nature has its advantages; it’s a place where one can feel fully disconnected from the city and strongly bonded with wildlife.

Adora Department Store_039_Ricardo Basse

Photograph by Ricardo Bassetti

The Mata Atlantica and the house’s interiors complement each other, particularly the earthy tones and wooden paneled flooring. Warmth is conveyed throughout the casa by different textures. The inviting coffee-colored sofa, the mixture of cherry red and opaline fixtures, the light cocoa dining table, the wooden kitchen countertops parallel to the floors, and other various furnishings keep a continuity of the outdoors as you walk through the beautiful hideaway.

Photograph by Ricardo Bassetti

The terraces subtly divide the areas allowing the client to be playful with the use of the space. Atelier Branco adopts the act of decluttering well by curating timeless pieces while providing enough leg and elbow room. Breathing and moving around the home becomes easy. The wide space subconsciously allows one to feel less attached to objects, focusing on appreciating the essentials in life. This overall adds to the comfort of Casa Biblioteca.


Photograph by Ricardo Bassetti

Adora Department Store_018_Ricardo Basse

Photograph by Ricardo Bassetti

Placed in the middle of the home is the library that’s occupied by bookshelves yet is still in touch with the foliage of tree canopies. The room acts as a tribute and prized possession for the client, a retired activist turned scholar. This terrace is meaningful to him, while acting as a sanctuary for every bibliophile. In rhythm with the surroundings, two glass doors can be opened on both sides of the library, merging the homely den with nature.

The combination of nature and spacing, along with the importance of creating a room solely for you, makes for the ultimate oasis. A place to watch the sunrise and sunset, to read, meditate, contemplate, and recuperate—Casa Biblioteca allows exactly that while praising nature’s splendor.

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